Eutectic cold top charged by AC electric power (220 ~ 380V/3 phase) can accumulate the cold latent into the eutectic plates that keep the products cold during operating time



Purpose of Development

Main issue of Eutectic cold top’s development is that it has advantages on transportations of frozen/fresh food in a way to earn constant steady temperature on echo friendly conditions of low noise, abated emission of Co2, energy efficiency, cost effective and prolonged life of vehicle rather than main-engine or sub-engine type vehicle.



Major Customers


Ice cream / Transportation / Fishing industry / Fresh food industry



Basic Principle Of Eutectic System


The System is consisted of compressor, condenser, expansion v/v and cold storage evaporator ( eutectic plate) adding to the existing refrigeration system which is filled with eutectic liquid based on the lower freezing principle that combines kinds of salts material and distilled water.






Main Items Of Eutectic Cold Top







It has excellent performance with poly-urethane panel to insulate the ambient by adopting variety thickness of 100t / 120t / 140t with injected urethane foam, so it performs relatively strong solidity.



The eutectic plate is made by pressure shape of steel sheet in thickness of 1.2mm to keep 50mm space between the upper and the lower. After welding by seam welder, it is filed with the eutectic liquid. The plates begins to freeze at -33º C and keep storing the frozen latent heat.



It designs that the condensing unit is mounted on vehicle’s chassis firmly and it is more convenient to maintain the unit than flush mounting type.



The control box works to provide electricity 380V/220V, 60/50Hz, 3 phase for overseas markets and protect electric circuit against electric leakage and shock. Moreover, it can adjust the temperature from -40º C to -33 º C by installing digital thermostat





Eutectic Cold Top VS Sub-Engine Truck



Eutectic Cold Top

Sub Engine Type Vehicle


Keeps the inner body temperature continuously without any power during a daytime.



With injective urethane panel and high compressive strength, it can keep its temperature  more than 12 hrs.

There is different temperature between front and rear area.


It is not suitable for ultra cold temperature


It has to operate refrigeration system during driving


It costs about 35% against sub type and 18% against main type.


There are less mechanical problems by using electricity.




Long life of vehicle that do not connect between vehicle’s engine and refrigerated system

It costs by running the sub engine continuously


There are many faults of driving gear


CO2 is increased due to the operation of refrigerator


The engine should be maintained regularly.


There is no dry phenomenon due to the natural cold air coming from the eutectic plates continuously.


It can be used for cold storages instead


There are no damages to the product by keeping the temperature constantly

It is too dry by using blower fan


When stopping the engine, the products may be damaged due to high temperature of inner body.


The products is to be damaged by stopping refrigerator


No sound during working time


Anytime possible to use


No freeze and burst


Prevention of damaging the goods when troubling the refrigerator system during running the van.

It has a noise with continuous running


Only running time possible to use


Concerns about freezer and burst.


Problem of repair when running the truck to long

distance way.