Blygold International

Blygold International was founded in 1976 to be able to cope with an ever growing demand all over the world. Blygold is now represented in more than 40 countries and is a well-known name in the HVAC market. This is mainly thanks to the dedicated partners that have chosen to work with Blygold and therefore benefit from this success formula


HVAC corrosion protection

Since the foundation of Blygold International, Blygold has focused on corrosion protection for heat exchangers and developed their own specific coatings for this purpose. The applied thin layer, the high UV and chemical resistance properties and the patented application method have lead to the big success of these products. The products are well known within the air conditioning market and have been used on several ambitious projects such as the Palm Island Jumeirah, the cruise ship Queen Mary 2 and the London airport of Heathrow.

HVAC Refurbishment

Next to heat exchanger protection Blygold R&D has developed a unique refurbishment procedure for HVAC equipment. Special procedures and products make it possible to completely renovate units which would normally need replacement. Also, Optimisation as an add-on to existing maintenance programs is possible with the Blygold techniques. This makes the solution unique, and it has therefore been used on many locations and in many different countries, such as the Louvre museum in Paris, France, the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and many other.


Tube Sheet protection

Water cooled heat exchangers with shell and tubes have several locations where corrosion risks are high. Blygold has developed a special protective treatment for one of the most vulnerable parts : the tube sheet. A special ceramic coating creates an extreme abrasion resistant surface that seals the steel tube sheet from its corrosive environment. The treatment is not only applied to new chillers but also used for the rebuilding of partially corroded tube sheet and water boxes. The service is provided to the main chiller manufacturers as well as to big end-users.