Made to Measure Coldrooms
No limit to capacity, modular panels can be linked together in virtually any combination of width and length. Panels of different widths further increase the possibilities. Anisons cold store can hold controlled temperatures ranging from -40°C to + I8°C depending on the specifications of the client. 
The major applications are:
1. Walk-in commercial coldrooms 
2. Warehouse coldstorage 
3. Portable skid mounted coldrooms 
4. Partition panels 
Panels are insulated with 40kgs - 42kgs (other densities also possible) of CFC free polyurethane of approved pre-mixed system, injected by a high pressure mixer, between cladding as per choice of customer and are locked securely together with camlocks and steel hooks.The result is an extremely durable structure with high thermal insulation. Insulated panel thickness and length is according to specifications and drawings. The standard panel width is 1150-1200 mm approximately and standard thickness is 50 mm to 200 mm. Each single panel length can be up to 13 meters (height).
Camlocks are moulded and permanently anchored in the injected rigid CFC free polyurethane foam core during the manufacturing process of sandwich elements. They are tightly joined by a tongue and groove system into a monolithic assembly. Assembly is performed from the interior simply by turning with a hex wrench the locking arm of the camlock in one panel, which engages the pin in the adjacent panel. The camlock action drums the two panels tightly together.
Anisons can supply industrial type modular coldstorage or commercial walk-in coldroom facilities with rounded internal wall edges for sanitary purposes. Floor panels will support uniformly distributed load up to 2.5 tons per square meter. Handcarts, hand tucks and other manually operated handling equipment can be used as the plywood reinforcement distributes the load and protects against impact damage.Where power equipment such as forklifts are used, a minimum 4 inch of reinforced poured and reinforced concrete should top the floor over Anisons PU slabs. For large low temperature coldstore applications, Anisons recommends and can assist in the design of underground pipe ventilation system to prevent any ice formation, which may accumulate underneath the coldstore (to be constructed by the civil contractor).


The following claddings are available:
1. Pre-painted Galvanized Steel
2. Plastisol (PVC) Coated Gl Steel 
3. Stainless Steel 
4. Stucco Aluminum The cladding is precisely formed at edges in "U" shape and has shallow ribs 30 mm wide at 75 mm c.c. (non ribbed panels also available). Wall and corner panels are available in a wide range of heights and designed to partition multi-compartment arrangements. 
Choice of CFC free polyurethane insulated door is available in different thickness and applications.They can be either:
1. Sliding (most common)
2. Hinged (most common)
3. Traffic swing type doors with glass port hole
4. Sectional doors & many more All doors are supplied with high quality hardware from the USA or Europe.
Other Features Include: 
1. Durable hardware and attractive hinges and handles built for years of trouble-free usage. 
2. Interior glow in the dark safety release handle to prevent entrapment inside cold storage. 
3. Door frame heater wire. 
Optional Accessories Include: 
1. Interior or exterior ramps manufactured according to client's requirements. 
2. Display thermal glass. 
3. Shelving. 
4. Magnetic gaskets (self closing doors). 
5. Hydraulic door closers (self-closing doors).